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13 Feb 2020
4 mins

Over the last 20 years, tax legislation has more than doubled in volume. While changes are spread across a broad spectrum of areas, the intr ...

19 Nov 2019
1 mins

We are delighted to announce that Rennie Hoare was named Philanthropy Adviser of the Year at the 2019 Spear’s Wealth Management Awards. 

06 Aug 2019
3 mins

Our figures show a strong balance sheet in terms of both capital and liquidity. Deposits grew comfortably, while the loan book remained stab ...

20 Jun 2019
1 mins

C. Hoare & Co.’s commitment to charitable giving was recognised at the London 2019 Private Banking & Wealth Management Awards, where we were ...

31 May 2019
2 mins

C. Hoare & Co.’s long tradition of philanthropy was honoured last week at a service in Westminster Abbey to mark the 300th anniversary of Ch ...

17 May 2019
2 mins

The decision to leave the EU following the UK referendum in June 2016 prompted a sustained period of volatility in the Sterling Foreign Exch ...

24 Apr 2019
1 mins

Based on her latest book 'Wilding'

26 Feb 2019
5 mins

We are pleased to welcome Steven Cooper as our new chief executive. He joins from a distinguished career in Barclays (retail) bank. We thank ...

29 Jan 2019
1 mins

Alexander Hoare named in ‘50 Most Influential People’

18 Jan 2019
2 mins

Sir Richard Hoare founded the business we know today at the Sign of the Golden Bottle in Cheapside on 5 July 1672.

10 Jan 2019
1 mins

I am delighted that Steven Cooper has joined the bank as chief executive officer.

13 Jul 2018
3 mins

The balance sheet overleaf remains very strong, and reflects healthy profits in the year ending March 2018. We continue to attract a good i ...

07 Jan 2018
4 mins

The sale of our wealth management business last year bolstered our reserves and enabled us to focus on our core banking business. 

12 Jul 2017
3 mins

The balance sheet overleaf is exceptionally strong and liquid, reflecting the recent sale of our wealth management business.

07 Jan 2017
3 mins

In October we announced the sale of our investment management business to Cazenove Capital Management, owned by Schroders Plc.

07 Jul 2016
3 mins

This year we are sending a letter to let you know about some people changes at our bank.

01 Jun 2016
3 mins

The bank benefits from being in the right place at the right time and continues to expand in all areas; the headcount now approaches 500 st ...