Henry Hoare’s ‘Platinum Jubilee’

posted 04 Oct 2023 1 mins

Warmest congratulations to Henry Hoare, who today celebrates his 70th anniversary at the bank.

Henry joined the family business aged 21 when, as a clerk in ‘Books’ he was required to fill out ledgers in copperplate handwriting. He became a partner in 1959, served as chairman from 1988 to 2001, and remains invaluable in his capacity as a consultant, particularly in relation to the Golden Bottle Trust and the bank’s history.

Over Henry’s years of service, the bank has seen enormous change: the number of staff has doubled, and customer accounts have quadrupled. Principles of sound management and commitment to our customers, however, remain unchanged and are nowhere better embodied than in Henry’s unflagging focus on excellence.

We are deeply grateful for Henry’s exceptional contribution to the bank’s success and hope to benefit from his wise advice for many years to come.

Henry Hoare