Insights into the family’s giving

posted 09 Nov 2021 1 mins

Golden Bottle Trust annual report 2019-20

For the last 35 years, the Golden Bottle Trust (GBT) has helped further the philanthropic ideals of the Hoare family. In that time, new approaches such as the use of a philanthropy-profiling tool and the integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals have increased the impact of our activities.

In recent years, our strategic giving has been focused on health, particularly mental health; financial/income inequality; refugees; and the environment. The 2019-20 report reviews grants allocated to the environment (over 9% of GBT’s grant making) and charts our journey to ‘total portfolio impact’. It also includes case studies of our most impactful grants.

Rennie Hoare

Partner and Head of Philanthropy

Golden Bottle Trust annual report 2019-20


GBT Report 2019/20

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