Deposit Accounts

Effective cash management is essential for your business. Our deposit accounts provide you with a range of flexible and secure options.

The right terms

Managing the liquidity of a business is largely about managing timescales. We offer a range of accounts including instant access, 35-day notice and 95-day notice accounts, as well as fixed-term deposits with terms from one month to 24 months. Bespoke terms are available on request, as are fixed-term deposits in a number of major currencies.

C. Hoare & Co. customers are eligible for the national Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which protects balances of up to £85,000.

Safety first

A bank’s first responsibility is to keep its customers’ money safe. Our partners bear unlimited liability and manage our balance sheet conservatively. We invest in the highest quality, low-risk Treasury assets, and hold a sizeable percentage at the Bank of England. We also manage risk by lending only to customers whose financial affairs we know well. It is our policy to maintain a conservative loan-to-deposit ratio, and all customer lending is secured with a low loan-to-value ratio.