With long experience of lending to businesses, we understand the importance of timely, targeted financing.

A flexible approach to borrowing

We are pleased to work with a diverse range of organisations – from farms, estates and family offices to charities, livery companies and Inns of Court. Your relationship manager will go the extra mile to learn the drivers behind your business and your aspirations for the future.

Short, medium and long-term secured borrowing is available in fixed or variable interest rates and in multiple currencies. We will lend on an interest-only basis as, rather than imposing rigid payment schedules, we will work with you to agree tailored lending structures. Interest roll-up may also be available.

We pride ourselves on making the complex simple. Your relationship manager will work closely with our specialist lending team to ensure your borrowing takes account of all relevant factors and meets long-term requirements, as well as your immediate needs.

We understand businesses often need to move quickly to harness opportunity, and our independence and short lines of approval enable us to make rapid decisions. We take full account of all cashflows (capital or income) and are prepared to consider complex security arrangements.


  • Commercial Buy-to-Let Mortgages - to fund the purchase of investment properties
  • Multi-Property Mortgages - funding multiple properties through a single mortgage facility


  • Bridging Finance - short-term financing capabilities for property purchases
  • Development Finance - to fund residential and commercial developments
  • Philanthropy Financing - financing devised specifically to fund philanthropic endeavours
  • Business Investment or Asset Finance - to fund purchase of wealth-enhancing assets
  • Investment-Backed Lending - lending secured by diversified investment portfolios held with a partnered wealth manager
  • Debt Consolidation Financing - to consolidate debt and simplify repayment
  • Partnership Capital Loans to fund partnership capital investments
  • Philanthropy Financing to fund selected philanthropic endeavours
  • Tailored limits to meet your business’s working-capital needs, or as a time-to-time facility for peace of mind

    Read further information on overdrafts here.
  • These are agreed individually.
Additional information

Borrowing is considered on a case-by-case basis and can be structured as follows:

Fixed Rate Loan
With a Fixed Rate Loan, the interest is fixed at the outset using a margin over the cost of funds (which is set on the day of acceptance and remains for the term of the facility).   

Managed Variable Rate Loan 
With a Managed Variable Rate Loan, the interest is set as a margin above the C. Hoare & Co. Managed Variable Base Rate. This is internally managed and typically follows the Bank of England Base Rate.  

Current rates:

Our Managed Variable Base Rate is 5.25% per annumwith effect from 17 August 2023
Our Standard Variable Rate (formally known as our
Base Rate) for borrowing is 5.25% per annum
with effect from 17 August 2023
The Bank of England Rate is 5.25% per annumwith effect from 3 August 2023

Please note the rate of interest payable depends on customers’ individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.