Voice Identification

This sophisticated technology will monitor over one hundred characteristics of your voice that will then be used to create a voice print unique to each individual customer.

Voice prints will be seamlessly created through natural conversations that you will have with the bank, so please continue to use telephone banking in the same way that you have always done. 

What is it? 
Voice identification is an added layer of security that will help customers quickly and securely identify themselves to the bank. 

How does it work? 
During your conversations with the bank, the physical and behavioural characteristics of your voice are compared to our secure system which will then automatically identify you as the caller. This will complement our current security process. 

What is a voice print? 
A voice print is composed of over one hundred different characteristics that represent the caller’s unique voice, like your fingerprint. This form of identification is incredibly secure as your digital voice print cannot be written down, guessed or imitated by others.

Is this secure? 
At C. Hoare & Co. we take your data privacy and security seriously. We will only create a voice print if you give us permission to do so and will only store a numeric sequence that makes up your voice print. This will be unique to C. Hoare & Co., encrypted, stored securely and not shared with anyone else. You can change your mind at any time at which time your voice print will be deleted.

More information is available in our privacy notice at 
https://www.hoaresbank.co.uk/privacy-notice or by contacting our data protection officer at DPO@hoaresbank.co.uk.

Will the voice print work if I have a cold?
Yes, the voice print will continue to work as only a few of the voice attributes would be affected by a cold.

Who can use the service?
The bank has decided not to enrol customers under the age of 18 as at this age the physical and behavioural characteristics of the voice print will still be changing and developing. 

How do I enrol?
If you would like to enrol for this service, please contact your relationship manager who will verify you and then ask for your explicit consent to make sure that you are happy to proceed before fully enrolling. 

If you have any further questions about voice identification, please contact your relationship manager.