Deposit Accounts

Our first responsibility is to keep our customers’ money safe. We offer a range of deposit accounts and your relationship manager will match these to your particular needs.

Peace of mind

We have weathered many storms in our 350-year history, and the partners’ unlimited liability gives our customers peace of mind that their money will be secure. We favour high-quality, low-risk Treasury assets, and a large percentage of customers’ money is held at the Bank of England. We also control risk by lending only to customers whose financial affairs we know well. It is our policy to maintain a conservative loan-to-deposit ratio, and all customer lending is secured with a low loan-to-value ratio.

A range of accounts

We offer instant access, 35-day and 95-day notice accounts. Fixed-term deposit accounts, paying a fixed rate of interest for periods from one month to 24 months, are available in sterling and, on request, in a number of major currencies.  We can also provide our customers with savings accounts for children. 

C. Hoare & Co. customers are eligible for the national Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which protects balances of up to £85,000.