Patrick Woodroffe Podcast

posted 06 Aug 2020 1 mins

Patrick Woodroffe, in conversation with Audrey Hoare

The Tokyo Olympics should be happening this week, but since Covid-19 has cancelled the games, we thought we might look back on London’s unforgettable Olympic summer. 

Patrick Woodroffe, lighting designer for the spectacular opening and closing displays of ‘London 2012’ and a key member of Danny Boyle’s creative team, puts his distinctive, witty spin on memories of ‘the Greatest Show on Earth’.

Patrick has 40 years’ experience directing and lighting shows for the music, dance, fashion, art and architecture industries. He has worked with the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, but London 2012 presented a unique set of challenges. This entertaining podcast takes us behind the scenes at the stadium as Patrick recalls hard-fought triumphs over dwindling budgets, an aggressive press, meddling politicians and – of course – the British weather.

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