Support for borrowers

We understand that, with rising interest rates and the increasing cost of living, this may be a difficult time for some borrowers. We also appreciate that unforeseen events may cause financial strain.

We have seen several interest-rate rises in recent months, with the possibility of more to come. Clearly, this will affect borrowing costs for many. If you are concerned about this, we would encourage you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with your relationship manager.

Please do not wait until you have missed a payment before getting in touch; we are happy to discuss your options even if all your payments are up to date. Talking to us will not affect your credit file, but missing payments may make it harder to borrow in future.

We sincerely want to help, and we will treat you fairly. We will take time to understand your unique circumstances and support you accordingly.

Other support

The following organisations provide free, impartial advice on borrowing and debt:

If you are self-employed, the Business Debtline has useful information and advice. You will find information on its website about the range of ways you can get in touch with someone there to discuss your financial situation.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up to repayments on your mortgage.