Isabella Tree: talks on rewilding land

posted 24 Apr 2019 1 mins

Based on her latest book 'Wilding'

Isabella Tree recently spoke to our customers about the environmental and financial benefits of re-wilding land. Her latest book ‘Wilding’ tells the amazing story of their daring wildlife experiment at Knepp Estate in West Sussex and was voted one of the top ten science books for 2018 by the Smithsonian, and one of the top ten books on climate change and conservation for 2018 by Forbes magazine.

Forced to accept that intensive farming on the heavy Sussex clay was economically ruinous, they decided to step back and let nature take over. Isabella describes the rewilding of Knepp as a process of ‘letting go’ whereby, in a giant leap of faith, all preconceptions about landscape and agriculture were surrendered, to give nature the space and opportunity to express itself. The Knepp experience was the first of its kind in Britain and challenges conventional ideas about our past and present landscape and points the way to a wilder, richer future: a countryside that benefits farming, nature and us.